What’s S.I.A.R.

  • S.I.A.R. is a research association. Its aim is to develop and deepen W. Reich’s intuitions, by promoting the comparison with other disciplines and associations .
  • S.I.A.R. originates directly from W. Reich through Ola Raknes, acknowledged by Reich as a teacher. Raknes trained Federico Navarro who instituted a structured methodology called VGT.C.A. (Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy). Genovino Ferri, who’s currently S.I.A.R.’s president, performed its analytic training with Federico Navarro and further developed the VGT.C.A. by deepening its analytic and relational feature, with a special attention to transfer and counter- transfer aspects in setting.
  • S.I.A.R. is also available to compare its own thinking model with others that suggest a cosmic dimension of man. This is also the position supported by Reich in the last phase of his research.

Target people

  • S.I.A.R. mainly addresses to psychologists and clinicians and also to all those people that deal with the functional and holistic thought. Its intention is then to promote the exchange with those researchers that are inspired by an integral model of man.
  • W. Reich’s work is considered by S.I.A.R. a way of thinking rich in contents and hints allowing major developments and in-depth analysis. Reich was able to present a wide horizon of thought and he was ahead of his time, with his intuitions that would be then developed by many researchers and become reality.
  • S.I.A.R. conceives knowledge as a science, an adventure and a form of art.


S.I.A.R.’ s activity is performed through three main phases:

  • THE FIRSTphase is cultural and is characterised by lectures, seminars and conferences on specific topics.
  • THE SECOND phase is psychological and clinical and it offers the following analysis services: individual, for couples and groups. It also provides advisory services for teenagers and parents and a training course for pregnant women. Since 1996 a free advisory service for young people has been available.
  • THE THIRD phase relates a specific training course on the Reichian analysis for psychologists, psychotherapists and doctors.

Papers (Select article to read from the followig list)

For further information please call the national office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 8 pm

S.I.A.R. is located at

Via Valadier 44 – 00193 ROMA

TELeFAX (**39) 06/3224535
e-mail: siar@analisi-reichiana.it

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